Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Like Old Times

I got started riding trials many moons ago and I’ve had some excellent riding partners over the years. Never (ever) such a great collection as I have now, although I have to say I probably miss my two favorites the most. My Brother Joe has faded in and out of it, over the entire length of my experience (I’m very confident he will again). I know I’ll bring him out if Speck or Trent gets too big for their britches. SO keep that in mind if you get to pushing me too hard, with all your new high tech ways, shifting your weight right and left, making new lines on tricked out scooters that look like they belong to Judge Dread........

Well I felt the need to ride some on the first sunny Sunday we'd seen in weeks, so I approached a shady bunch I know up the road. Man, I needed that. I'll put it like this; I'd lost my youth back there in the hills (or down in the creek) and I needed time to explore, maybe even find it back there somewhere.

Skeptical they were, but agree to allow me and my number 1 partner and join in the adventure. Numero uno is none other than the Kid himself. He (who hadn’t saddled up in two years), up and accepted my invitation and we rode for hours. I had a great time and I think he did too. He’s rusty and held back some, but he’s got that old Wallace-on-wheels thing going for him. Think he gets it from Joe.

It was really great having him there and I think I found what I was looking for. Happy Trails ahead


Brad said...

I know the feeling!

Pee Wee said...

Man, it don't get any better than riding with your son, unless you maybe get to ride with your dad.

See ya' soon!

speck said...

Sounds like a great day,when you said he's rusty I thought you meant you went riding with Rusty Wallace. PeeWee's comment cleared that up for me. Dredd-modile? I kinda like it.

Engraver said...

Hey Jessie,
Sounds like a good day. I need to do the same soon!
Tell Clay we said hi.